I'm a PhD student in the computer graphics program at Victoria University of Wellington. 

I've recently completed an undergraduate double degree with honours at Victoria. My first degree is a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy, and my second degree is a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science. I graduated with first class honours in Computer Graphics. 

Philosophically, my interests pertain to metaethics, evolutionary ethics, applied ethics, metaphysics, logic, consciousness and personal identity. Within computer science, I'm interested in computer game development, graphics, AI, networking, Android development, and algorithm analysis. An intersection between the two fields includes logic and AI - beyond this, I find that it's always interesting to keep in mind philosophical ideas and implications behind a development process. This gives me further insight in the purpose and potential of a given problem or application. From this, I aim to think creatively and critically when developing.

Skills include: Java, C#, C/C++, Javascript, Python, Android development, OpenGL API, Unity3D game engine, Maya (modelling & API).

Personal interests include playing video games, listening to music and playing sport.

Please take a look around my website. It will include my most up to date CV and portfolio, as well other personal interests.