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Oliver Ellmers
Andrew Chalmers
audio: Small Colin - Mutations

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MDDN442 Project 1:
 - Data visualisation
 - Use of population (60 years), net migration (60 years), longitude/latitude, national colours,       and land area to drive the data.
 - Particles fight for tight spaces (India is a good example to look at).
 - Interactive controls to compare population, population density, and migration rates. 
 - Use of the Cinder library. 

Click here to try out the application yourself (.exe format, 13.6mb).

- Shift + click to drag currently selected country. Click without shift to snap them back to their original location. If the current country is "World", this will drag everyone.
- Use the GUI to adjust settings. Some keys are mapped to the GUI, which will be made aware to you when hovering your mouse over the command.
- p to pause.
- f to exit out of full screen (I recommend remaining in fullscreen).
- ecs to quit the program. 

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COMP308 Project: 
- Collision detection
- Sphere/Plane
- Sphere/Complex object (.obj file), in the example video, it is a cube .obj file
- Octree data structure for efficiency 

- Also implemented (but not demonstrated in the video) is that .obj objects can be deformed on collision. 

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